Amazing Present Ideas For the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again, the holidays are here! The nights become brighter as people put up their festive lights, and all the decorations really bring about the holiday cheer! We all get together with family and friends to really enjoy each other’s company with lots of wonderful food. It’s a great time of year to make memories, and don’t forget the presents!

Gifts are great, but they also create some extra stress for a time of the year that can already pile it on. After all, we have to focus on cooking and entertaining friends and family on top of everything else. And then, we have to get the “right” gift for our family and friends, and sometimes coming up with an idea can be difficult. Especially when you only have a couple of weeks to figure out what you want to buy them. Luckily, whether you need a big gift, or just a small stocking stuffer, this article has a great idea for you: stuffed animals. This is a present that can be great for any age, especially around the holidays.

Stuffed Animals for Kids

Getting a plush toy for a child is something of a no brainer, after all, traditionally toys are for children. And stuffed animals in particular are great for kids. They give them something fun to play with, and let them learn about animals. They can even be a great substitute when mom and dad don’t want the child to have a real pet. A lot less mess, but still a lot of fun! Even though it’s the age of technology, stuffed animals will never go out of style, and they will certainly continue to help children jump start their imaginations.

Stuffed Animals for Teenagers

Teens are the consumer generation, and there a ton of items marketed to them, but this just gives you too many choices. Make things easier by giving a stuffed animal. There’s a lot more to plush toys nowadays then just the small, traditional teddy bear. For teens, one good idea is to get them a gigantic plush toy. These big stuffed animals can be around 5 feet tall, bigger than some people! These can be a particularly great gift for a teenage girl. Not only does the sheer size of the toy make it a “wow” gift, but it becomes a conversation starter when anyone else sees it. Just imagine her bringing a gigantic teddy bear to college, her dorm mates would want to ask about it and it could be a great icebreaker. Plus, something nearly her size could become a good friend, and keep her from being lonely. That way she’d have something soft to hug when she is upset. A gigantic stuffed animal can really be a fun, and unusual gift for a teenager. Consider one the next time you have to buy a present for someone in this age group.

Stuffed Animals for Adults

It may seem like toys are an inappropriate gift for an adult, but this is not the case at all. Many adults actually collect stuffed animals, so if you have someone who’s a collector it should make things easy. But even if they are not a collector, a stuffed animal can still be a great gift for an adult. Nowadays, there are many plush toys that are made to look realistic. This realism makes them a great item that can be used in decorating a home. It could give a little something extra to a living room or a home office, just for a few examples. For example, a natural appearing stuffed animal could give a home an exotic look. Or if the adult has an African theme for a room, a stuffed lion could be the perfect addition. Or maybe they have a vacation home on the ocean, gift them with a plush dolphin to add some life and color to the d├ęcor.

So as you can see, stuffed animals are a great way to avoid holiday shopping headaches. They are appropriate for all ages, and lots of fun too! Plus, they are guaranteed to make everyone smile! Remember, when you’re stumped on your holiday gifts this season, consider a stuffed animal for those of all ages.

Tips for PowerPoint Presentation – Transforming Your Slides Into Effective Visual Aids

Make Use of Pictures with Good Quality

When creating PowerPoint presentation slides, never settle for low quality images, including photographs for your slides. It’s not advisable to stretch a tiny, low resolution photo because it will degrade the resolution further. Always go for a good quality camera when taking pictures or you may also hire a professional photographer to take the pictures instead.

Clip arts are incorporated in the software probably since their advent and people are very familiar with them. They are not as interesting as they were during the 90′s. Most of the time, when a presenter makes use of these clip arts the audience question the presenter’s professionalism and competitiveness. Although not all clip arts are terrible, they still need to be used with caution.

One of the helpful tips for PowerPoint presentation to keeping the audience’ interest is by putting images of people on slides. This type of images provokes the audience to relate to the slides emotionally.

Keep a Visual Theme but Avoid Using PPT Templates

Consistency in the visual theme is very essential during the presentation; however one should avoid using PowerPoint templates as people have seen them a million times. It is necessary to provide the audience with a new and fresh material. If it’s not, why would the audience want to attend your presentation?

You can choose to make your own background template which you can edit to suit what you require. Simply save the PowerPoint file as a Design Template (.pot) and afterward you will see it among the other standard Microsoft Templates in your software. This means you can still use what you created in the future.

Choose an Appropriate Charts/Table

Presenters have the tendency to put excessive information in their on-screen charts. To avoid this, the first thing to do when choosing which charts/tables to use is to assess how much detail you will need.

Additional Tips for PowerPoint Presentation on Using the Right Color

Color plays a significant role in motivating the audience since it has the potential to induce feelings and emotions. Based on studies, the use of colors helps in enhancing the audience’ interest; hence it will be easier for them to learn, comprehend, and remember what you discussed. Since color usage is important, business professionals are encouraged to be familiar with the subject so they will know how to use it to their advantage.

Business Presentation Transcription, What Is It?

Transcription helps a lot of people to make their work load a little bit lighter. Transcription allows the busy individuals to let go of the mundane tasks such as typing and converting audio files into text files so that they can concentrate on the more important ones.

Basically transcription is the process of creating a word format out of a recorded audio, video, dictation and presentation files. These are done by professionals who are trained well to provide high quality transcriptions. Transcriptionists are professionals who come in different fields of profession. All of them have been trained for a couple of months under a transcription course in order to become a satisfactory transcriptionist.

Who needs transcription?

A lot of individuals ranging from gender, race, education, age and employment status are in need of transcription services. Transcription companies do not limit their clients. They will receive all types of transcription because they are aware that their agents are well trained. The most important thing to remember especially for the transcription is to provide clients with quality, accurate and close to perfect transcription results so that clients will always come back for your service.

Most common transcription services

The following are a few of the most common transcription services that one can acquire from any transcription company:

1. General transcription

2. Medical transcription

3. Legal transcription

4. Dictation transcription

5. PDF transcription

6. Business presentation transcription

7. Dissertation transcription

8. Video log transcription

There are still a lot of types of transcription that one can take advantage of. It may cost you money but you will gain your precious time back.

Business presentation transcription

One of the most recent and sought after service in transcription is business presentation transcription. There are several says in which this services are used, here are the following:

1. A client provides transcribers with audio recordings of a presentation to be transcribed into word format for filing or personal notes.

2. Clients provide video recordings of a business presentation and will ask the transcribers to transcribe them either verbatim or semi-verbatim.

3. The client may provide audio recordings of notes which should be transformed into text documents so that someone can create a presentation out of the word document you have created. Some transcription companies also offer services wherein they will create a business presentation themselves using the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

How much will it costs?

Business presentation fees vary from the length of an audio file to how fast you want it to be done. If you want the turnaround time to be lower, that is if you are in a hurry to get your files done, the pay rate increases. Every company has different charging rates, mostly they have their own tactics to promote and entice clients to seek the services of a particular company. The best way to find out how much you are going to pay is through a quotation. There are a lot of transcription companies who can provide free quotes so you will know how much it would cost you before you sign an agreement with them.

There are a lot of ways for individuals to lessen their burden especially when it comes to transcription. For business industries that require ambitious and grandiose presentations, they can seek the aid of a transcriptionist to provide them with quality converted files. In doing so, they allow themselves to focus on how the presentation is to be delivered so that the company can catch the attention of inventors and the like.