Pastoral Care – Presenting Everyone Mature In Christ

One indicator of spiritual maturity is how we deal with trials. With cogent though jarring eloquence James says,

My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy, because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance; and let endurance have its full effect, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing. (James 1:2-4 NRSV)

There is something in James’s imperative that resonates with any believer who has embarked with enduring perseverance on their trials. Pastoral care can be seen as a coming alongside, much as we imagine the paralete does, where persons we journey with are warned, taught, and ultimately, presented: every person! Colossians 1:28 calls us to evangelise every person, to educate every person, and to edify every person. We are to reach out to everyone, help them know God’s truths, speaking into their lives. We are called to a life not of self-pity, but of self-scrutiny of motive-especially of service.

We can know, in the final analysis, that the example of the cross is our way toward experiencing the resurrection life of Jesus. This embodies our teaching and our example. And, within the cross-beared life, it is also fundamental that the mature are Spirit-filled persons. The mature person will soon be asked to lead if they are not already. Only Spirit-filled people should lead Christ’s church. Hence, being spiritually mature and Spirit-filled ought to be thought of mutually inclusive. And there will be the fruit of love in the Spirit-filled, spiritually mature person; a love that insists not on thinking about love, but on acting in loving ways. There, I find, an elegant yet unsophisticated simplicity in love. There is no wiggle room. The surrendered soul acts simply as God intends. It is obedience without thought. To be presented perfect on the final day is to approach life now so as to enter through the narrow gate of Matthew 7:13-14, now! Acting as if time is up, we strive more for the Kingdom, more and more. Our striving ought to be to the allegiance of Christ and his teaching, of perfection and imitation of the Father, notwithstanding its seeming unattainability.

The Greek teleios aligns perfection with completion with full development, or to be unblemished and whole. And that is God’s will for us all: that the pastoral care we might all benefit from would take us further on the trajectory of discipleship; further, and onward, unto perfection.

There is incredibly great value in living the spiritual life. When we order our private world, we stand to gain the prize of life that God is ever calling us to. The pastoral care function is primary and basic in delivering persons to the deeper experience of the spiritual life. I see that pastoral care and discipleship are interwoven processes aiming toward the end of maturation, where we may all be presented perfect in Christ.

© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

Business Presentation Transcription, What Is It?

Transcription helps a lot of people to make their work load a little bit lighter. Transcription allows the busy individuals to let go of the mundane tasks such as typing and converting audio files into text files so that they can concentrate on the more important ones.

Basically transcription is the process of creating a word format out of a recorded audio, video, dictation and presentation files. These are done by professionals who are trained well to provide high quality transcriptions. Transcriptionists are professionals who come in different fields of profession. All of them have been trained for a couple of months under a transcription course in order to become a satisfactory transcriptionist.

Who needs transcription?

A lot of individuals ranging from gender, race, education, age and employment status are in need of transcription services. Transcription companies do not limit their clients. They will receive all types of transcription because they are aware that their agents are well trained. The most important thing to remember especially for the transcription is to provide clients with quality, accurate and close to perfect transcription results so that clients will always come back for your service.

Most common transcription services

The following are a few of the most common transcription services that one can acquire from any transcription company:

1. General transcription

2. Medical transcription

3. Legal transcription

4. Dictation transcription

5. PDF transcription

6. Business presentation transcription

7. Dissertation transcription

8. Video log transcription

There are still a lot of types of transcription that one can take advantage of. It may cost you money but you will gain your precious time back.

Business presentation transcription

One of the most recent and sought after service in transcription is business presentation transcription. There are several says in which this services are used, here are the following:

1. A client provides transcribers with audio recordings of a presentation to be transcribed into word format for filing or personal notes.

2. Clients provide video recordings of a business presentation and will ask the transcribers to transcribe them either verbatim or semi-verbatim.

3. The client may provide audio recordings of notes which should be transformed into text documents so that someone can create a presentation out of the word document you have created. Some transcription companies also offer services wherein they will create a business presentation themselves using the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

How much will it costs?

Business presentation fees vary from the length of an audio file to how fast you want it to be done. If you want the turnaround time to be lower, that is if you are in a hurry to get your files done, the pay rate increases. Every company has different charging rates, mostly they have their own tactics to promote and entice clients to seek the services of a particular company. The best way to find out how much you are going to pay is through a quotation. There are a lot of transcription companies who can provide free quotes so you will know how much it would cost you before you sign an agreement with them.

There are a lot of ways for individuals to lessen their burden especially when it comes to transcription. For business industries that require ambitious and grandiose presentations, they can seek the aid of a transcriptionist to provide them with quality converted files. In doing so, they allow themselves to focus on how the presentation is to be delivered so that the company can catch the attention of inventors and the like.

Ways to Negotiate With Your Creditor

It’s good for you to negotiate with the lender before your refinancing action. Timing plays a vital role when you negotiate with the lender. If the negotiations succeed, it will bring you valuable resources to restore your finance situation in order. On the other hand, it’s possible for you to get a settlement of the debt after negotiating with your lender.

The negotiation with your lender is not a distributive negotiation. You can’t just beat the lender. It is not a good way to raise money effectively. As a result, they will not lend your money if you missed these processes. The negotiation with your lender is a win-win negotiation; negotiation parties in the negotiation should be friendly with each other. The ultimate aim of the negotiation is to reach the agreement. In the end, the integrative negotiation will bring both sides benefits.

It’s very useful for you to do preparation before the negotiation. You should set out your goals in this phase. For example, if you want to more available timetable for paying off the loan, to complete your aim, you should offer reward to the lender. In the opposite, to achieve your goal, you could reconsider the negotiation from the lender aspects. It’s very useful for you to find out solution to reach the final agreement.

It’s the best solution for both negotiation parties to site around table and discusses the problem in personal. People always make decision in a day after the negotiation meeting. If you can’t arrange a meeting like that, you should try you best to negotiate via phones or email. However, it is a time-consuming project to make the final deal.

Confidence and power during the negotiation will help you to achieve your goals. Never let the financial crises beat your confidence. Only in this way can you keep the negotiation under your control.