Ultimate Danger and Agony of Negotiating Like Donald Trump – Negotiation Tip of the Week

The intent of this article is to highlight the negotiation tactics used by Donald Trump. It doesn’t pass judgment on the man.

Some have called Donald Trump a negotiator’s negotiator when it comes to the art of the deal. Many have sought to emulate his tactics, but upon examination, one might be cautious to do so. That’s because one needs the resources that Mr. Trump has to sustain the type of negotiation ploys he employs. Take as an example the following…

Stating verifiable truths as untruths:

It’s very difficult to negotiate with someone that offers alternative facts to reality when making offers and counteroffers that you and they make. It’s akin to being in an environment where up is down, out is in, and right is wrong. Through such mental maneuverings, Mr. Trump leaves an opposing negotiator in a state of doubt per the direction to take in a negotiation.

I never promised you a rose garden:

Mr. Trump makes promises that are too good to believe at times. Then, some of those promises never become reality. At times, he has a way of telling people what they want to hear, what they want to believe. A negotiator that does not follow through on promises will lose his believability eventually. From there, he’ll lose the trust of those with whom he negotiates.

Using Bullying Tactics:

Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you should take advantage of people. Mr. Trump has boasted in the past about his ability to use other people’s money and resources to put deals together. Then, if the deal doesn’t bear fruit, he walks away leaving others holding the bag. If you acquire a reputation as a negotiator of leaving others holding the bag when troubles occur, they’ll avoid negotiating with you and you’ll miss potential opportunities that would have otherwise availed themselves. Always be mindful of how you treat the smallest and largest of people.


When you lie, perceived to be unfair, and you leave some people feeling you don’t value them, eventually it’ll catch up with you. There will come a time when someone that negotiates tougher than you will seek to slay your negotiation efforts. They may do so as payback for the reputation you’ve established as being a ruthless negotiator, or simply to take your crown.


The inherent agony in the way Mr. Trump negotiates is encased in his brand. That’s to say, he’s massaged his brand to a point that some people see him as a savior based on what his perceived accomplishments have been in business. They transfer those perceived skills as being viable in other realms of life (i.e. the presidency). The lesson to be observed from this dilemma is, you should negotiate with those that are more disposed to your influence than those that are not. By doing so, you stand a better chance of achieving more successful negotiation outcomes.

In your negotiations, be cautious when employing the strategies that Mr. Trump employs. He can get away with some of them, for now, because of who he is and the resources he has. You’re not him. So, if you’re wise, you won’t try these tactics at home or anywhere else. By not doing so… everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

Business Presentation Transcription, What Is It?

Transcription helps a lot of people to make their work load a little bit lighter. Transcription allows the busy individuals to let go of the mundane tasks such as typing and converting audio files into text files so that they can concentrate on the more important ones.

Basically transcription is the process of creating a word format out of a recorded audio, video, dictation and presentation files. These are done by professionals who are trained well to provide high quality transcriptions. Transcriptionists are professionals who come in different fields of profession. All of them have been trained for a couple of months under a transcription course in order to become a satisfactory transcriptionist.

Who needs transcription?

A lot of individuals ranging from gender, race, education, age and employment status are in need of transcription services. Transcription companies do not limit their clients. They will receive all types of transcription because they are aware that their agents are well trained. The most important thing to remember especially for the transcription is to provide clients with quality, accurate and close to perfect transcription results so that clients will always come back for your service.

Most common transcription services

The following are a few of the most common transcription services that one can acquire from any transcription company:

1. General transcription

2. Medical transcription

3. Legal transcription

4. Dictation transcription

5. PDF transcription

6. Business presentation transcription

7. Dissertation transcription

8. Video log transcription

There are still a lot of types of transcription that one can take advantage of. It may cost you money but you will gain your precious time back.

Business presentation transcription

One of the most recent and sought after service in transcription is business presentation transcription. There are several says in which this services are used, here are the following:

1. A client provides transcribers with audio recordings of a presentation to be transcribed into word format for filing or personal notes.

2. Clients provide video recordings of a business presentation and will ask the transcribers to transcribe them either verbatim or semi-verbatim.

3. The client may provide audio recordings of notes which should be transformed into text documents so that someone can create a presentation out of the word document you have created. Some transcription companies also offer services wherein they will create a business presentation themselves using the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

How much will it costs?

Business presentation fees vary from the length of an audio file to how fast you want it to be done. If you want the turnaround time to be lower, that is if you are in a hurry to get your files done, the pay rate increases. Every company has different charging rates, mostly they have their own tactics to promote and entice clients to seek the services of a particular company. The best way to find out how much you are going to pay is through a quotation. There are a lot of transcription companies who can provide free quotes so you will know how much it would cost you before you sign an agreement with them.

There are a lot of ways for individuals to lessen their burden especially when it comes to transcription. For business industries that require ambitious and grandiose presentations, they can seek the aid of a transcriptionist to provide them with quality converted files. In doing so, they allow themselves to focus on how the presentation is to be delivered so that the company can catch the attention of inventors and the like.

Save Money by Shopping Early For Christmas Presents

Do you know that by doing your Christmas shopping early, you save money and there will be less stress on your health? Maybe you are thinking that by shopping closer to Christmas may help you to save money. According to studies, you actually become more panicky and spend more and experience more stress. As a result, you could not really enjoy the holiday. Here are some points you may want to consider as to why you should start shopping early.

- By starting your Christmas shopping early, it gives you sufficient time to budget your gift-giving list and have a clear idea how much you will be spending. At the same time, you are constantly looking out for gifts while you are doing your regular shopping. Thus, you have more time to pick up better gifts for your recipients.

- Very often, last-minute shopping will result in you over-spending because you are short of time and are desperate to buy a gift. Waiting until the last minute will not bring you cheaper gifts and you may actually pay more for the gifts or miss someone out from your gift list.

- Looking out for online bargains from eBay and merchants’ websites can help you to save. By starting early, you can spend time to find bargains from the Internet and enjoy cheaper or free shipping instead of paying more for rush delivery.

- Giving Christmas presents is meant to be a happy, warm and well-thought gesture and it is not the result of last-minute panic purchase. Most people do not want a gift that is purchased just for the sake of “giving”. By starting early, you have the time to think through what to buy for your recipients and come up with a better gift list.

- If you are mailing Christmas gifts to friends or family, it is a good idea to mail them early so that you are assured that your gifts will reach them on time for Christmas.

Once you have completed your Christmas shopping early, you can definitely have the time to relax and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones without having any shopping stress.